English and Maths Workshop

There is a Year 2 English and Maths Workshop on Tuesday 28th November at 8.45 until 10. We will go over the expectation in reading, writing and maths; discuss the strategies taught in school and give some tips to support at home. Please do not worry if you cannot make it as the PowerPoint, along with some useful resources will be added to the blog that evening.

Maths Day (24th November 2017)


Wow! What a great success today was! The children were so excited on the treasure hunt this morning and really impressed the teachers with their Maths skills. The fashion show looked spectacular and the children were so engaged when solving each others problems. They were so enthusiastic when singing times tables song as well! The atmosphere was lovely and it was great to see them so passionate about Maths. Not only was it an opportunity for Maths, but an opportunity for the children to show off their perseverance and incredible team work skills. We felt so proud of them!

Thank you so much for all the effort, creativity and  hard work that went into the Maths t-shirts for today. The day would not have been the same without them!

This week’s learning (24th November 2017)

This week in topic we have continued learning about Grace Darling. We started the week by looking at different letters and their features. We then used our imaginations to pretend we were one of the 9 survivors bravely saved by Grace Darling. We used our senses to think about what we saw, what we heard and how we felt. We then wrote Grace a letter, using all of the features we had learnt this week. On Thursday, we had a very exciting DT day. We used lots of recyclable materials to create our very own lighthouses!

This week in maths we used all of the mathematical skills that we have learnt so far to solve a range of both word problems and arithmetic problems. We all tried really hard to remember the different strategies that we have been taught and our teachers were very proud! We then started looking at length and how we can measure different lengths. We used rulers to measure various objects in our classroom in cm. On Friday, we celebrated Maths Day! This was very exciting because we got to wear a ‘Maths problem’ T-Shirt which we got to show off in a fashion show. We also went on a treasure hunt around the school where we solved lots of different maths problems.