Week Ending 21st July 2017

Thank you for all your hard work and support this year. We have had an amazing Year One and are so proud of all the children and what they have achieved this year!

Thank you also for your incredible kindness and generosity at the end of the year.

We hope you have a fantastic summer and wish all our wonderful learners the very best for Year Two.

Health and Wellbeing this half term: summer 2

In Health and Wellbeing this half term we learnt lots of new things about Respect.

Knowledge we have gained:  We have spent the half-term learning how it is important to respect ourselves, each other and our own and each other’s property.

Skills we have learnt and used: We have shown how we respect property by writing rules for using our classroom equipment.

We have shown how we respect ourselves by creating bunting showing how we like to be treated; for example, people listening when we are talking, picking our belongings up if they have fallen on the floor. We loved putting this up in our classrooms.

We have shown how we respect each other by acting out different scenarios, making sure our responses respect all the characters involved.


Richy : ‘I saw Sasmira pushing chairs in.She is respecting the classroom and keeping us safe.’

Owen: ‘I respect the classroom by making sure all the chairs are tucked in.

Zion : ‘I’m respecting our property by putting the lid on my pen.’ 

Ayaan : ‘If we can give to charity … it’s like a present. That might help people feel special.’

Key Vocabulary that we have learned and used: respect, feelings, emotions, property, care, rules, actions, uncomfortable, upset, love, differences, similarities, special, unique

Next Week’s Learning 17th July 2017

Next week we will be celebrating our year in Year One. We will be completing a Year book with our memories from the year and talking about what he have especially enjoyed this year. We will also be doing a team challenge with our new class groups and lots of other exciting activities.