This Week’s Learning (w.c. 12th March)


This week in Maths we have continued practicing our addition and subtraction skills. We talked about how addition is commutative (can be done in any order e.g. 13 + 10 = 23 and 10 +13 = 23) and how subtraction is not. We also learnt about the inverse (the relationship between addition and subtraction e.g. 13 + 10 = 23,  10 +13 = 23, 23-13=10 and 23-10=13). We also did some practice SATs style questions to see just how much we’d learnt at the end of the week.


In Topic this week we learnt all about the Great Barrier Reef. We began by doing a comprehension on the Great Barrier Reef where we learnt all some interesting facts as well as using our inference skills! Then we gathered some wonderful adjectives to describe the photos on our table. some of us practiced our thesaurus skills to make sure our adjectives were the best they can be. After that we planned a setting description by choosing some lovely sentence starters and acting out the sentences we would like to write. Finally we wrote and improved our description. Our teachers were very impressed by our writing this week!

Sports Relief on Friday 23rd March (sorry for error!)

As part of our drive to maintain, promote and engage pupil interest in sport, we will be fundraising for Sports Relief as a whole school on Friday 23rd March. All children will participate in a range of physical activities to raise awareness and money to support the charity.

On this special day, your child can to come to school dressed in appropriate sports clothing for a sport that they do, for example karate uniform, dance t-shirt, football shirt. If your child does not participate in a sport outside of school then they can come in wearing active wear.

We invite you to make a donation of £1 for your child to wear their own sports top or active wear. This money will go towards the amazing work that Sports Relief does. ​

Mini Marsden March

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We had a fantastic time today doing the Mini Marsden March today where we walked all the way from school to the Royal Marsden hospital to help raise money and awareness for the fantastic work that they do! Thank you to all the parents that helped at this event and supported us the long way!