This Weeks Learning (w.c 14th May 2018)


This week in topic we started the week by thinking about the environment and the things that we wish people would do to look after it (e.g. I wish people would put their rubbish into the right bin). Each of us wrote a wish on our own leaf and we then added it to our class display. We then discussed the importance of reusing plastic and we wrote a letter to the people of Sutton persuading them to stop using single use plastic. The children felt very passionately about this and wrote some wonderful letters!


This week in maths we have been recapping everything that we have learnt so far this year! The children have really enjoyed exploring shape, time, money and measure in a variety of different activities.

Art Day!

Dear Parents/Carers,

On Friday 8th June 2018 we are having a whole school Art day. The theme of Art day is ‘Around the World’ and we will be looking at a range of art from different continents. Each year group will be given an artist or art movement to focus on. They will then produce a large piece of art that will be in the shape of a continent. By the end of the day, we hope to have a world map with a range of different pieces of art displayed onto it.

The day might get a little messy so if you would like to provide your child(ren) with an apron or large t-shirt to wear over their school uniform, please send it into school on the day with their name clearly labelled.

If you have any of the following items available at home, they would be really appreciated and will help the children to complete their artwork (straws, sticks, paper plates, cardboard and cotton buds).

We hope for it to be an informative yet creative day for everyone. Exhibitions will be held on the following days for parents to come and see the final world map.

EYFS/KS1 Art Exhibition – Tuesday 19th June at 3:30 in The Great Hall
KS2 Art Exhibition – Thursday 21st June at 3:30 in The Great Hall​

Thank you
The Art Team

​Summer 1 Health and Wellbeing Morning – Celebrating our Health and Wellbeing Learning

This week, we reflected on and celebrated all the new skills we have learned in Health and Wellbeing so far this year.

​Social skills and knowledge we have learned:

Resolving conflicts

Making and maintaining friendships


Quotes from the children:

‘If we are kind then people will want to be friends with us’ – Antoan

‘I am a good friend because I make people laugh’ – Eyad

Emotional and mental health skills and knowledge we have learned:

Ways of dealing with our emotions (e.g. taking a deep breath or counting to 10)

Feeling safe and happy

The difference between secrets and surprises

Quotes from the children:

‘I’ve learned lots of things to do to help me when I feel cross or sad’ – Ademola

‘I have a secret den that I can go to when I want to be alone’ – Emily

Physical health skills and knowledge we have learned:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Quotes from the children:

‘At playtime I like running to keep me healthy’ – Ben

Skills Wheels

Each child made a skills wheel to remind them of all the skills they have learned to help them manage their feelings and emotions and develop their social skills.

What Makes Me Great

To develop their self-esteem, each child thought about and celebrated what makes them individual. We had two sides to each picture, one showing what was on the inside and the other showing what was on the outside.


Health and Wellbeing is a whole-school priority and we are very proud of how much our pupils have learned this year. Below is a poster for parents detailing how we teach Health and Wellbeing at Avenue Primary Academy.