Nurse Visit Today

A big thank you to Mrs Greenslade who came in to school today! She used her expert knowledge as a nurse to speak to the children all about how to keep our bodies healthy by being hygienic. The children learnt so much and were very excited to discuss all the things they were learning! Thank you!

Please see below for some pictures:

Thank you for your School Fund contributions!

Dear Parents,

The end of the year is fast approaching and I would like to take a moment to thank those of you who contributed to the school fund. We ask for a £15.00 donation from all parents to cover the costs of many events that we would like to include in the school calendar. It has meant that all the children have experienced so many wonderful, learning opportunities. For example, the trip to Wisley, Great Fire of London Workshop, the Treasure Island performance, the Hindu presentation and the RNLI visitor. Please see some photos below:


Without your donations these events would not have been able to take place, thank you!

Year Two Team.

Class Teacher Awards (13th July)

Wow! What an amazing week year 2 have had! All of the children have worked very hard this week and should be proud of their perseverance and team work. However, a very big well done to the children below who have worked particularly hard:

Butterfly: ​Tiago

Dragonfly: Schamma & Fatih

Glow Worm: Nikhita & Taha

Millipede: Martha & Charlie

Tiger Moth: Daniel

This Week’s Learning (W.C. 9th July)


This week in topic we have been writing our very own acrostic poems! We began the week by looking at a variety of acrostic poems and thinking about the features. We then picked which mini-beast we wanted to write about – spider, snail, ant or wasp. When we had picked them we gathered loads of vocabulary for our mini-beast, thinking about what they look like, what they eat, how they move etc. We then planned and wrote our poems. We wrote some fantastic poems which our teachers were super proud of!


This week in maths we looked back over multiplication and division. We started the week with multiplication and remembered that we could use arrays,  repeated addition or times tables to help us answer questions. We then looked at division and remembered that we could use dots in pots, repeated subtraction or times table facts to help us answer questions. We played lots of different games and solved different problems using our multiplication and division knowledge.