This week’s learning


This week in topic we have been learning all about the life cycle of a human. We started the week by looking at the different stages – baby toddler, child, teenager, adult, elderly. We then talked about the differences at each stage for example a toddler is starting to walk and talk but a baby can’t do that. We then finished the week off by writing our very own explanations of the life cycle of a human.


This week in maths we started the week by counting forwards and backwards in 10s, we were really good at this so we tried to do it from any number! We then looked at using more than and less than signs – we thought of this as a hungry crocodile who always wanted to eat the biggest number. Finally we used all of our knowledge of place value to solve different problems.

Parent Forum – 20th September

Thank you to those who attended the forum this afternoon, I hope you found it useful! I have inserted the PowerPoint from today as a PDF for those who want to refer to it or simply couldn’t make it today. Feel free to contact me with any further questions if they cropped after the forum.

Year 2 – Parent Forum

I have attached the Welcome Letter below for some of the new parents that have joined us already this year. It includes some of the important dates for the autumn term only.

Y2 Autumn Welcome Letter

The Maths and English Workshop, where strategies will be discussed in more detail, is on Tuesday 28th November (8.45- 10am).