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We are so proud of how hard the children have worked this week so many children are showing great perseverance, resilience and team work skills. It gets hard to chose each week so well done everyone! However teachers felt an extra special ‘well done’ was earnt by the children listed below:

Butterfly: Darsh and Lola

Dragonfly: Luke

Glow Worm: Diya

Millipede: Oliver and Tony

Tiger Moth: Julia, Daniel and Lila

Summer Fair!

Just a reminder that the Avenue Summer Fair will be taking place on Saturday 16th June. The event has such a wonderful atmosphere every year and is always loads of fun. All of the money raised is helping making our  school a better learning environment so it’s for a great cause!

Please make sure your child is dressed in bright carnival colours and at the fair for 1.10pm so they do not miss the opportunity to take part in their year group dance! The children have worked so hard to perfect it and honestly look so fantastic. More details in the letter below which was sent in Summer 1! Hopefully see you there!

Summer 1 – Summer Fair Costume

This Week’s Learning (15th June)


This week in Topic we have been learning all about a woodland habitat. We visited the the wooded areas all over our school and looked at where we found the different minibeasts. We were very careful to put them back in exactly the right place because now we understand all about micro-habitats. After that we researched the woodland areas using non-fiction books. We got some great facts! Finally we planned out our very information text about woodland areas.


In maths this week we have been practicing reading scales on different resources. First of all we went outside and used rulers to measure different parts of nature! We recorded this on miniwhiteboards. Then we recapped weighing scales, thermometers and measuring cylinders. Then we practiced comparing different measure e.g. 2l = 2 1 litre jugs or 50g< 1kg. At the end of the week we finished with a bit of mental maths, we’re getting better each time!

Home Learning

Rights Respecting 

Home Learning – Rights Respecting – Summer 2


Year 2 – Summer 2 – Topic Home Learning


Spelling Support

Writing Tasks Y2 Summer 2


Year 2 – Summer 2 – Maths Home Learning

Week 1- time

Week 2 – Mass, Length, Capacity

Week 3 – Fractions

Week 4 – Partitioning and Place Value

Week 5- Subtraction

Week 6 – Divide and Multiply

Week 7 – Number bonds and Times tables

Just in case these are required, the answers are listed below:

Answers – Week 1

Answers – Week 2

Answers – Week 3

Answers – Week 4

Answers – Week 5

Answers – Week 6

Answers – Week 7