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Summer Fair!

Just a reminder that the Avenue Summer Fair will be taking place on Saturday 16th June. The event has such a wonderful atmosphere every year and is always loads of fun. All of the money raised is helping making our  school a better learning environment so it’s for a great cause!

Please make sure your child is dressed in bright carnival colours and at the fair for 1.10pm so they do not miss the opportunity to take part in their year group dance! The children have worked so hard to perfect it and honestly look so fantastic. More details in the letter below which was sent in Summer 1! Hopefully see you there!

Summer 1 – Summer Fair Costume

Health & Wellbeing

This half term our Health and Wellbeing focus is leading a healthy lifestyle. This is part of the physical strand of Health and Wellbeing.

We will be learning about the importance of physical activity, healthy eating, dental hygiene, cleaning our body and how to wash our hands. A helpful parent has also volunteered to share her nursing expertise about the spread of disease. We are very grateful for this!

We will be teaching the following skills:

  • catch it, bin it, kill it!
  • technique for washing hands
  • why and how to brush teeth
  • identify which foods are good and why

School Fund

Our school fund is vital to providing extra-curricular opportunities for our pupils and we cannot do this without your help. Thank you to the parents who have paid their one-off contribution of £15, it is greatly appreciated.

If you have not made a contribution to the school fund yet, please can we ask that you do so soon to enable us to pay for the exciting trips and workshops we have planned. This year the children have enjoyed the following:

  • Great Fire of London Workshop
  • Christmas Panto (not the one staff did)
  • RHS Wisley Gardens

The contribution is a one-off payment of £15 but if this is too much, please make a smaller contribution. This includes pupils eligible for Pupil Premium. If every parent contributes something, it will make a real difference to what we can offer.

 Please make your one-off voluntary contribution using:

ParentPay (under the item ‘Voluntary Contribution 2017-18’)

Cheque (payable to Avenue Primary Academy)

Cash (in a clearly marked envelope, to be given to a member of staff on the gate or directly to the office who will give you a receipt)

Art Day

On Friday,  the whole school participated in Art day! The children have been immersed in a range of different artist or movements. Some year groups have looked at Andy Warhol’s Pop art whilst others have explored Aboriginal painting and African masks. In Year 2 we have researched, designed and created artwork based on the style of Turkish tile paintings. We loved looking at the shapes, patterns and symmetry.