This Week’s Learning


This week in topic our focus has been D&T. We started the week by evaluating a variety of different existing puppets and spoke about what they looked like and how they would have needed to be made. We then created our own class design specification and thought about what our own puppets will need to be like. We decided our puppets need to be brightly coloured with strong and secure stitching.

We then began to design our own puppets and we carefully thought about we wanted them to look like. We thought about what surface embroidery we would like to include and what colours we want. Next, we were given the opportunity to practise using the running stitch and made sure our stitching was straight and secure.

Finally, we were able to make our puppets which turned out great! We look forward to showing you at open classroom.


This week in maths we have finished our learning about shape. We explored different 3D shapes and learnt about their properties. We found out the properties are edges, faces and vertices.

We then moved onto measure and began by measuring different objects in cm and m. Next, we learnt how to convert cm to m.

Finally, we learnt about km and when we would measure in km. We were able to convert km to m and answer a variety of problems about this.

My Avenue Activity Passport

To encourage children to get outdoors and experience new things, we have created the Avenue Activity Passport with the help of the Department for Education.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we are launching our Avenue Activity Passport. There have been many studies into how being outdoors has a positive impact on our wellbeing. The Avenue Activity Passport provides you with activities to try to complete.  
The Avenue Activity Passport includes a range of activities for children from Reception to Year 6. Most activities will require some adult supervision.

Please let your class teacher know the activities you’ve completed.
Enjoy the outdoors and explore!