Another fantastic week in Year 4 with so many having an incredible attitude to learning. We have selected a few children for awards this week so a special congratulations to the children below…

4E – Mohamed

4F – Riley, Nomana

4L – Millie, Imaan and Aizza

4R – Charlie, Luca, Lizzie

4S – Ben and Emily

This Week’s Learning


We started this week by using our prior knowledge of Stonehenge to create a presentation on one of the three theories historians have for it’s existence. These were then presented to the class. We then moved on to exploring explanation texts. This involved looking at the features and content of a few examples. After this, we began to plan our own explanation texts based on the Stone Age.

We finished the week making our Woolly Mammoths, have a look at our fantastic work…


This week in Maths, we began with working hard with our scaling and addition. We then moved on to focusing on unit and non-unit fractions. We started with looking at fractions of a shape and by the end of the week moved onto word problem involving unit and non-unit fractions. This week we have also been focusing on unpicking the word problem, in order for the children to understand which fraction they are splitting the quantity in to.