This week’s learning.

Continuing with our new topic ‘Mirror Mirror’. We began looking at a range of fairy tales. We discussed the different features of a fairy tale including: groups of three, magical elements, magical settings, hero/heroine and villain. We focused on the story of Snow White describing the setting and his two main characters Snow White and the Evil Queen. Using our descriptive language we were able to writing a setting and character description to prepare us for our fairy tales we will be writing next week.

Here are some of our children presenting the features they found in the fairy tale ‘Hansel and Gretel’.

This week’s learning


This week we have started our new topic called ‘Mirror Mirror’. We started by making some beautiful stained glass windows to decorate our classrooms. We then moved onto learning about how light travels and how we can use a mirror to reflect light. We did this by creating a mirror maze. Next, we learnt about different light sources and discussed how we can protect our eyes from the sun.


This week in maths we have been using our timestable facts to help us with division. We have been solving word problems where we have had to find equal groups. To solve the problems we used the bar model and arrays.