This week the children have worked so hard and the teachers have been so proud! A few children were selected for class teacher awards and they are listed below. A special well done to…

4E – TBC

4F – Tilly and Tyrell

4L – Harry and Yasir

4R – Harrison and Saara

4S – Isabella

This Week’s Learning


This week in topic we have started learning about the water cycle. We used the vocabulary evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. First we set up an experiment which we observed over the week. After that we sang a song about the water cycle and created some actions. Then we learnt about water distribution in the UK and compared it to Ghana. Finally we created a poster to encourage people to save water.


This week in maths, we focussed on column addition and begun our work on column subtraction. To add, we created the numbers using place value counters and worked out the total. Sometimes we had to bridge as well! For subtraction, we made the first number and subtracted the smaller number. Sometimes we had to exchange a ten counter for some extra ones in order to solve the number sentence.

French – Autumn 2

In French, this half term, children will revise days of the week. They will learn about the French school system and what a day is like in a French school. They will learn how to name school subjects in French; how to state their likes and dislikes of school subjects and they will plan their imaginary ideal school time table.