This Week’s Learning (6th October)


We started the week looking at our number bond knowledge; we looked at number bonds to 10 and then used this to help us with number bonds to 20. Later on in the week we looked at addition and subtraction facts within 20. We started by using the counters to help us (E.G. 12 + 4 =), we then moved on to see if we could do this without counters; we had to use our place value knowledge. If we were feeling confident we then moved on to addition and subtraction word problems.


This week in topic we became artists! We started by looking at the work of Tracy Hall. She uses bright water colours in her artwork to create pieces of fruit! Next, we experimented with different media (sponges, cotton buds, etc) to create our own fruit artwork! Later on in the week we recapped the features of instructions and had to sequence a set of instructions adding the key features. Finally we acted out the instructions that we sequenced together.