Health and Wellbeing

In Health and Wellbeing this half term, we learned lots of new things about our physical health.

Knowledge we have gained:

  • importance of exercise
  • the amounts of each food group
  • why we wash our hands and body
  • the parts of our body that require washing and how often
  • what bacteria can do

Skills we have used:

  • how to brush teeth
  • how to wash hands
  • how to wash you body
  • how to plan meals including all the food groups
  • how to raise your heart rate


Josiah : ‘I have a wash each day!’

Danche : ‘Bacteria can make your sweat smell… if you wash each day then you might not smelly even if you sweat!’

Tia : ‘If your old teeth fall out… is that why old people get dentures?’

Jobe : ‘I go to football today so that’s how I’ll get my exercise in’

Riley : ‘I like to read and relax but sometimes I go for a walk. even walking could be exercise!

Key vocabulary that we have learned and used is: healthy, choice, my body my choice, balanced diet, wash, bacteria, dental hygiene, hygiene, disease, physical health, mental health, exercise.