This Week’s Learning


This week we have learnt even more about life in Ancient Egypt.  This week we have learnt about the process of mummification. We found out what happens during the mummification process and why it was done. We then created our very own mummies which we really enjoyed. First, we designed our sarcophagus by looking at Egyptian pictures and books. Then, we made our mummies using clay and had to follow the instructions to find out how to make it. Finally, we covered our clay mummies with Modroc which was our favourite part.


This week in maths, we started by answering a range of number problems and we had to decide on the best method to use to solve them. This term we have learnt lots of different methods including column method and bridging, this was an opportunity for us to decide when it is best to use each of those methods. Then, later in the week we have been looking at ‘difference’. We discussed what it means to find the ‘difference’ and what we need to do find it. Then we moved onto looking at word problems and we have introduced the bar model. We have learnt how we can use the bar model to help us decide what operation we need to use to find the answer.