Our ‘Avenue Olympic Sportathon’

Last week, a representative from Karuna Care came in to talk to us about how the money we raised last year significantly changed the lives of five Nepalese children. They told us that before we helped, they would be begging for money just to eat one small meal per day, instead of going to school. Even if they were to get some food, it would only be half a bowl. But now, the money we raised has helped them to go to school and have a good meal everyday so that they can concentrate better and get an education. All of the children we supported are now flying through their grades!

We also saw a video of the children receiving their school equipment from the money we raised including, a rucksack, school equipment, school uniform and shoes. They are really grateful to us and everyone who supported them. Tomorrow we will be having an ‘Avenue Olympic Sportathon’ to raise more money for more children in Nepal. We are hoping to raise more money and help many children in Nepal.

Thank you for all of your donations, they are very much appreciated!

Written by Chloe and Prubdheen in 6K