This week’s learning


This week we have used our knowledge on the Stonehenge theories to write our very own explanation texts. Interestingly, we all had our own opinions about the theories and this is something that we had to accept and tolerate. We used the information we had gathered during research time to write our texts. We also focused on causal conjunctions (therefore, as a result, hence, since) which we will continue to practise in further writing pieces. We also explored life in the Iron Age this week, this led us to lots of discoveries! Towards the end of the week, we made prints based on art in the Iron Age. We loved this experience, we were able to design our prints and practise using the ink and polystyrene tiles before the final piece.


This week we have been focusing on equivalent fractions. We used fractions walls to support us, we also found that when you are finding an equivalent fraction, the denominator and the numerator have to be multiplied by the same number. For example 2/3 = 4/6 the denominator has been multiplied by 2 and so has the numerator. Can you find the numerators for these fractions?

2/5 = _/10 5/8 = _/24