Art home learning project

Whilst you are at home, we would like you to create an art project based on a famous artist! The artist we have chosen for you is called Lucian Freud.

Freud, Lucian; Man’s Head (Self Portrait I); The Whitworth, University of Manchester;

First of all, research your artist and find out a little bit about him. The questions in the ‘challenge’ section below may help you to find out some exciting facts about Freud! You can show your findings in any way you like; this might be as a fact file or a power point presentation.

Next, see if you can find more famous pieces of art work created by Lucien Freud (use the power point), this will help you to gather ideas and be inspired for when you create your own art work.

Finally, create a piece of art inspired by Freud’s beautiful art. Lucian Freud is most famous for spending a lot of time with the people he painted because he wanted to know them really well so that he could show their personalities in his paintings. Therefore, it might be a nice idea to base your art work on a member of your family. He also loved animals, so you may even create a portrait of your pet too!

Have fun being creative!


Can you find out these things about Lucian Freud and his art?

  • What kind of art did he create?
  • What colours did he use in his art work? What do the colours show?
  • How did he create his paintings? What painting techniques did he use?
  • Where can we see his art work today?