Celebration of Learning

Benji has made yummy sushi and has created the packaging for his food. Vishwesh has been using Scratch. Millie has been working hard on her maths and has decorated some cakes. Darcy has been making sushi and created the logo design. When she was exploring her garden, she found a hedgehog!

Sujal has created a marble run. He’s also been making sushi and created sushi packaging. Ben and Ana made delicious salads. Colin has made a yummy salad! Shravya’s written a Japanese vegetarian salad menu plan. Raghav has been solving his Rubix cube. Mugdha made a model of Stonehenge over half term. Danche created a digital self-portrait. Using the recipe posted on the blog, Eyad made some yummy Eid cookies! He also played a fun game of cricket in the park.