Transition Activities (29th June)

The end of summer term is fast approaching! Usually at school, children would be completing tasks both on Meet the Teacher Day as well as in their classroom. This is to help ease any potential anxieties as September approaches. The nature of these activities is so important for the children’s well-being so we have created some tasks that can be completed at home to support children in this transitional period.

Please see the links below for further guidance:

PSHE Resources

Other Tasks

Letter – Children should write a letter to their new teacher that they can give on the first day. They may wish to include a picture, some of their likes and dislikes, something they are looking forward to in Year 4 or a happy memory from the summer holidays.

Worry Doll – Children can make the doll and tell it their worries. It may be useful for children to tell any worries the night before returning to school. It just needs a peg and some different colours of wool or children may wish to decorate with felt pen. Please see images below for examples.

Alternatively, it can be used twigs and scraps of material. See instructions below.