Teacher Messages (3rd July)

Hi 4R!
You can see from my picture that even though I can’t go to Nando’s, I’ve manage to bring my favourite restaurant to me! It was delicious and made me happy.
I hope that you guys have been working hard and still managed to have a nice week even though the sun hasn’t been shining as much!
Keep happy and safe 🙂
Miss you all so much!
Miss Rubey
Hi 4F!! 🙂
I think myself and Miss Rubey had the same idea to treat ourselves this week!! I also treated myself to a Nando’s and let me tell you it was amazing! Definitely worth the months of waiting!! It made me very happy too!! I hope that you are all well and enjoying your time at home. I have loved speaking to you this week, hearing your voices really cheer me up! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get to do something you enjoy!
Missing you lots, Miss Fernandez
Hi 4L,
I miss you lots, so it was very nice to talk to you all over the last couple of weeks and hear what you have been up to. A few of you told me about some books you have been reading, so I have tried out a few of your recommendations and I have enjoyed them a lot! The one I am reading in this picture was one of my favourites.
Have a lovely weekend and keep safe.
Mrs Stockwell
Hello 4S,
I hope you are all enjoying being at home and aren’t missing school too much! I was so excited at the weekend because I was able to see my family for my nieces 2nd birthday!
I hope that you’re making time to do things that you enjoy with your families too!!
Keep Safe!
Miss Sillett 🙂
Hi 4E!
Yesterday evening, I opened the door to the best delivery ever! I would like to say a huge thank you for my gifts! You have been very generous, and I am so grateful! I feel so lucky and loved! Thank you so much! I cannot wait to enjoy some of my goodies, and the little kicks inside my belly are telling me the baby is looking forward to using his presents too! I‘ve loved finding out about all the great things you’ve been busy doing over the past few weeks. Keep up the amazing work!
Miss Emans 🙂