Teacher Messages (10th July)

Hello 4F! 🙂
I hope that you are all keeping well and have had a great week. I had a really fun weekend – I went on a toboggan! It was so exciting, I went so fast! I hope that you have all had wonderful weeks, and are excited about coming back to school in September! I am really excited to see you all in September I am missing you all so much! Have a lovely weekend, take care and stay safe. Miss Fernandez 🙂
Hello 4S,
I hope that you have all had a lovely week! At the weekend I celebrated my dads birthday with some other members of my family. He also had this beautiful cake (which I am sure Oliver will LOVE!), it was delicious!
I am missing you all so much! I hope you are all looking forward to returning to school in September. It will be great to see you around school.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and stay safe.
Miss Sillett 😀
Hi 4E!
I hope you are all OK, and having a lovely week! I had a great walk along Littlehampton beach but I forgot to take a photo for you! Instead, I’ve attached a bumpie (bump selfie) for you to see. I can’t wait to see you soon!
Keep smiling 🙂
Miss Emans
Hi 4R!
This is a picture of me feeling very worried about putting up my herb and spices rack! It was my first time using a drill so I had to reallllllly persevere. It was not easy!
I hope that you are all happy with you new classes and wonderful Year 5 teachers and that you are looking forward to September. I know you guys are going to be absolutely amazing… your new teacher is so lucky to have you 🙂
I’m still missing you all so much! Stay happy and have a lovely weekend 🙂
Hey 4L,
This week, I made my homemade pizzas (including the bread) for my dinner! I was very proud of how it turned out, so I thought I’d share it with you on the blog this week.
I can’t believe it’s nearly the summer holidays already! I still miss you all so much! I hope you’re looking forward to your new class and teachers for next year.
Mrs Stockwell