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This Week’s Learning

In Topic this week, the children have had great fun learning about Finn the shark and his unfortunate adventures. They enjoyed developing their understanding of the story by creating actions and drawing images to summarise the main parts. Then, the children planned their own versions using story maps. The Year Four teachers are so impressed with the children’s work this week, they have thoroughly enjoyed sharing some of the stories already!

The children worked hard to incorporate many features of their writing this week, to ensure their stories were entertaining. They specifically focused on prepositions, fronted adverbials, speech and expanded noun phrases. Well done Year Four you have worked incredibly hard on your brilliant stories.

In Maths this week, the children have developed their understanding of the distributive law. At first, most children found this quite challenging to completely understand as there are several steps to complete. However, with hard work, the children demonstrated resilience and perseverance, as they were able to successfully understand what this meant and were able to solve a number of calculations using this method.

Multiplication Check

I am aware the multiplication check is ages away but there is no time like the present to start practising!

I’ve been recommended a great website for times tables and it’s free.

You would then click on Multiplication and Division

If you scroll down, there are many fun games but I really wanted to draw your attention to one called Multiplication Tables Check. I have been advised that this is the best resource out there currently, in terms of resembling the check and allowing you to slowly build children up. You can edit which times tables are included, how long they have to answer and how many questions! You can do this by clicking ‘adjust difficulty‘.

British Museum

For the first time in Year 4 we are going to visit the British Museum. We will get there via public transport. 4F, 4R and 4S are in need of a parent helper each.

If you are available on Wednesday 15th January please let the class teacher know. You would be able to come into the classroom at 8.30 on the day and be home in time for pick up if you have any siblings at the school.

It would also be ideal if you could attend a brief meeting on Monday 16th December. It would start at about quarter past 3 and last approximately 15 minutes. This is so that we can go through the route, plan for the day and the risk assessments with you. It is now the law that all parents going on a school trip attend a meeting of this nature.